“Great gym. Nicco, Ashley and Cara make you feel very comfortable and included.
The sessions consist of 4 people and your coach. There are apps that you download to book your sessions and to speak to your designated coach which are really easy to use and attached to these are little tutorials of the different exercises and stretches that i liked to look back on.
I was so nervous about going thinking I’d be the biggest most unfit person there, but everyone is so sound you soon forget about all your insecurities. And there are people in the same boat so its all good! The programme itself is a full body workout using kettlebells, weights, gym bands etc and the coach will guide you and encourage you to take a bigger weight or get a few extra reps in.
This isn’t a scary gym where everyone eats kale and raw eggs, its literally for everyone and its made me enjoy working out again, so thanks ” –  Sam Cameron