"I have been a member for over two years and this is testament to what a great place this is. I have dipped in and out of exercise over the years but never really enjoyed it or felt particularly motivated. Nicco, Ashley and Cara are truly amazing at getting more out of me than I ever think possible. They and the other members are very welcoming and you are made to feel part of a great community. I can’t recommend this place enough and I feel extremely lucky to have it in Muir of Ord." - Gillian MacGillivray
"A fantastic community gym with dedicated staff who have great attention to detail and care about the progress of its members. All sessions are coached to ensure you get the most out of your time in the gym and they are tailored to your ability. Couldn't be any further from your stereotypical gym, it's good crack in a relaxed atmosphere." - Andrew Gow
"Great facilities in the heart of Muir of Ord supported by positive person centred coaching from the whole team. Lovely community of fellow gym goers too. Would highly recommend!" - Eilidh Little
"Now attending 3 times a week. Small group PT classes . Excellent, motivated, knowledgeable trainers who push you to improve. Fellow members are very welcoming and although I'm not a 'fittie' I've never felt intimidated , just welcome!" - Jennifer Latham
"Great gym. Nicco, Ashley and Cara make you feel very comfortable and included. The sessions consist of 4 people and your coach. There are apps that you download to book your sessions and to speak to your designated coach which are really easy to use and attached to these are little tutorials of the different exercises and stretches that i liked to look back on. I was so nervous about going thinking I'd be the biggest most unfit person there, but everyone is so sound you soon forget about all your insecurities. And there are people in the same boat so its all good! The programme itself is a full body workout using kettlebells, weights, gym bands etc and the coach will guide you and encourage you to take a bigger weight or get a few extra reps in. This isn't a scary gym where everyone eats kale and raw eggs, its literally for everyone and its made me enjoy working out again, so thanks " -  Sam Cameron
"I would 100% recommend NV2 Fitness & Nutrition!! I really enjoyed the face to face sessions, I received professional and clear advice that made me feel like I was in safe hands re my back injury. So a big Thank You & hopefully I’ll be joining again in the future 💪🏼" - Missy Flaws
"I am a Canadian sports physio here in Inverness for a week visiting my sister.  I attended 2 sessions at the gym with Cara as our Trainer.  I thoroughly enjoyed and was very impressed with the sessions.  They gave me a challenging, safe workout with lovely positivity and excellent cueing.  If I lived and worked here I would be very happy to refer patients for post-rehab training.  Well done to all involved and many thanks.  I’ll be back next time I’m here 🙂" - Lisa Pearson
"I joined NV2 just over 6 months ago and it has transformed my fitness and strength. I love that sessions run throughout the day, making it easy to fit in time to workout. The team are so friendly and encouraging, they always help you to push yourself. Would highly recommend!" - Helen Lavery
"Can’t recommend NV2 enough. Such a great atmosphere in the gym and the coaches are great. Never been one for fitness before but don’t feel a bit out of place here." - Sarah Finnigan
"Amazing local gym, excellent coaches, efficient, flexible and varied training, an outstanding team ethos. Couldn't recommend enough." - Scott Fraser
"Joining NV2 Fitness has been one of the best things I've done to get back my physical and mental health back on track. Losing over 1.5 stone in less than a year has been an unexpected bonus. Nicco, Ashley and Cara have been great motivators, providing expert guidance to ensure exercises are completed correctly. A lovely, fun and welcoming community of like-minded people. Thoroughly recommend 👌" - Ruth Mantle
"Such a nice gym to be a part of. Good community of people who make working out more enjoyable! Lots of different abilities. Coach's are fun and approachable. Feel sad when I miss a session!" - Carrie Forbes
"I’ve been going for a year now and I really enjoy it, I was someone that was a a couch potato! The team have been really supportive , encouraging me all the way and tailored it to all my needs, I would highly recommend them, I go twice a week now and I fully enjoy myself and feel that I’m getting something out of it! Team you’re all amazing thank you" - Debbie Nairn
"Ive been a member of NV2 for a year or so now and have been going regularly 3 times a week. It’s the first time in years I have had the motivation to stick to PT, classes etc. The format of the session really works for me and I saw and felt results quickly and continue to make progress. Couldn’t do it without the coaches who are all great. There’s a great team spirit within chat group and other events organised and great way to meet other people too." - Sarah Fraser
"If you're looking for a gym that offer a little more than just coming in and pushing tin the NV2 Fitness is the way to go. It offer a really supportive environment with proper team energy. The coaching is top quality and will help you meet your goals." - Jacob McCormick
"One week in and I can’t praise the gym enough. Friendly, professional staff that get you going and challenge and support you when needed 🤩👍🏻💪" - Mrs Murray

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